So what would Mac OS X be like on a truly mobile device?


Maconq1upUnlike the picture above, I believe it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. During my two-year journey with UMPCs, I’ve run XP, Vista, and Ubuntu. Each experience offers more insight into what a mobile operating system can and should offer. Maybe it’s time to temporarily travel for yet another experience. The journey begins…


Dave Zatz

Sumocat, you mean the ones that don’t officially allow you to install anything (yet)? ;) Full OS (XP versus WinMo, OS X versus iPhone/Touch) is more flexible and thus more powerful.


So, am I the only one who realizes there already are two truly mobile devices running OS X? Or are we only talking about the full non-mobile version?

Arif R

If it all works out, and I think it should considering the chipset and processor.. wireless isn’t a problem because you can always swap in a compatible card, but if most of the things work, I’m going to buy a Q1 Ultra. :)


Not a suprise to me.. We have been doing that to our SONY UX device. We have a step-by-step procedure on how to install MAC (even the new LEOPARD) on yes, very cool and interesting. An option for MAC users….


If it works pretty well for you, I might have to wait until the HP Mini-Note comes with a OSX-compatible Atom CPU.

Mike Nare

Thats pretty sweet. I was thinking about running mac on a umpc but was wondering about the necessary drivers to make everything work. I look forward for the posts on this.

Jonathan Greene

Definitely looking forward to reading more about this one … though I don’t like that split keyboard action, I’d really love to have a Mac UMPC

Mike Cane

This is the kind of thing that made God smite Sodom & Gomorrah!

You are doing unnatural things, Fiend Kevin!



I commend you. I could never do something like this on a device that I depend on.

It’s one thing to do it on something you have laying around, but to do it on your main machine takes guts.

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