Netcraft's April Survey: Google-run Sites Growing Quickly


In its April 2008 web server survey, Netcraft reports that Google-hosted developers (largely on the Blogger platform) grew their relative share by more than half a percentage point in the last month, mainly at the expense of Microsoft and Apache-based developers.

The survey, which polled over 165 million sites, compares the developer of each server. In addition to Microsoft, Google and Apache, servers from Sun and lighttpd (used for YouTube, Wikipedia and Meebo) have significant market share.

But the Internet added 3.1 million sites in the last month alone, so in absolute terms the number of sites continues to grow rapidly.



That’s an excellent point – this is a survey by domain name, meaning all the Internet SLUDGE out there is still being counted. If 3B domain names are all garbage, and there are only 1B useful websites out there, then these stats are largely useless poop (although it seems google has about 7% of the poop now :)

Putting the thinking cap on, it would be much more relevant to overlay traffic TO those sites. IE: if a garbage website gets 2 hits per day, it is normalized to 1% of a site that gets 200 hits per day etc… such that the end numbers really mean “n% of legitimate web traffic is served from servers running X”.

Nima Negahban


In all fairness .NET 3.5 is incredibly powerful and Windows 08/IIS 7 look very promising.

But a big reason is that MS gets many registrars to host their ‘parked sites’ with IIS.


Far more interesting is how much Microsoft has closed the gap. Who uses IIS…besides Ebay?

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