Lenovo U110 IdeaPad appears online for $1,999


Lenu110bpngThe next contender in the small but fully functional notebook market is nearing: Lenovo’s U110 IdeaPad has surfaced at on-line retailer J&R. It’s the same WXGA 11.1-inch unit that wowed us at this year’s CES… so much so, that we left fingerprints all over the demo unit. The $1,999 price tag is justified by the specs and what’s under the hood, although I was hoping we’d see this device under $1,500.The U110 runs a 1.6 GHz version of the Intel Core 2 Duo ULV with 3 GB of RAM and a 120 GB hard drive at the two-grand price. Weight is definitely a “feature” in my opinion, as the U110 weighs three pounds with the standard battery. There are three USB ports, Bluetooth, 802.11a/g/n, VGA out, a 1.3-megapixel webcam and no optical drive. This device is definitely in the same space as the MacBook Air and Lenovo X300; looks to me like folks that long for an X300 but don’t want an SSD, or the premium it commands, have another Lenovo option.(via Laptoping)


Usman J

I think that this laptop has been my best purchase yet! I hated the old dull lookalike laptops, almost all the laptops started to look the same. But lenovo jumped the gun and boy did they pull out an awesome one this time. This has to be the best unit I have ever purchased yet!!!! LENOVO ROCKS!!!!


I was initially attracted to the U110 form factor and technical specs, but after seeing a few more pictures the laptop lost its appeal to me. In an attempt to target consumers, Lenovo is making a, “bold design statement with frameless screens, touch-sensitive control surfaces and unique textures.” External detailing on the cover and even the bottom of the device is pretty interesting. However, the U110 has a laquer-like glossy finish on the keyboard and palm rests, and a highly reflective LCD display.

With LG “piano black”, Fujitsu “diamond black”, and Lenovo’s treatment of the U110, computer manufacturers seem to be using glossy finishes to signal “chic design” and “consumer friendly.” While shiny surfaces might look attactive in retail showrooms or promotional photos, these finishes often result in poor tactile feel, strained eyes from the display, and a lot of fingerprints. Device makers would be better served by improving ease of use and providing form with function rather than trying to attract consumers with bright, shiny objects.

There’s a summary of links to U110 reviews and photos at:


Upon initial review the U110 looks more appealing than the MacBook Air and Lenovo X300, and cheaper than a Sony TZ. I’m OK without the optical drive. A tablet interface would be great, though.

Jon M

Why must you torture me with such wonderful news of ultra-portable laptops!?!? I can feel my wallet starting to burn …. like a Sony battery in an Apple laptop ….

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