GooSync mimics task synchronization between handhelds, Google Calendar


TasksmenuOne of the few synchronization applications for getting Google Calendar info to your handheld just got a wee bit better. GooSync added a new Task synchronization feature to the Premium Account offering, which costs around $40 annually. Since Google Calendar doesn’t offer a native task management function, you’ll be handling tasks in the GooSync menu bar. Although that’s not the ideal situation, I can understand why the GooSync folks developed their own task management functionality. If they had leveraged a third-party alternative like the Firefox extension we recently highlighted, they’d be sucking wind if that solution ever went kaput.If you don’t need advanced sync features like tasks and contacts, GooSync offers a free account that’s limited in functionality, but still quite useful. You can sync calendar events both ways 30 days in advance and 7 days in the past between your Google Calendar and over 100 different handheld devices.(via Darla Mack)


Curtis Carmack

I’ve been using GooSync for well over a year now to keep my Palm Treo’s calendar in sync with my Google Calendar. It has worked very well. There are very few limitations and the syncing is fairly quick after the first time. I use the paid version and keep a two-year window in sync at all times.

I did have some trouble with the Contacts sync function and stopped using it. However, if they can manage to make that work with Google Contacts using the new API, I’ll try it again.

I have not yet tried the task syncing function.

Overall, this is a nice solution for someone like me that uses Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and wants to keep everything synced up with a mobile device.

Paul Westbrook

I use MilkSync to sync my tasks from my phone to Remember The Milk. Remember The Milk can export a calendar so you can see the task items in your Google Calendar.

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