WMWifiRouter: still lets your 3G phone be a hotspot, but it will cost you


Wmwifirouter_2Back in December we shared news of a free application that lets you use share the wireless broadband connection of your Windows Mobile handset with other WiFi devices. Essentially, your phone becomes a mobile WiFi hotspot with WMWifiRouter.The application was featured as a Freeware of the Moment and now you’ll see why that category is defined by the “moment”. WMWifiRouter is no longer free: a license will set you back $29.98, although if you have a need to share that connection, I think the price is reasonable for the functionality. Early adopters can hit use a promo code upon checkout, which will knock the price down to $22.48 so if you need this function now is a good time to buy. To run the app, you’ll need Windows Mobile 5 (AKU 3.3) or 6 and the Internet Connection Sharing application that comes with Windows Mobile. Check carefully if you have that application because some folks that watched our videos on how to use your phone as a modem over Bluetooth with a Mac or a PC mentioned that they didn’t have it. Although it’s part of Windows Mobile, it’s optional and some carriers have removed it.(via IntoMobile)


Mark H

Why would you use this over the built-in bluetooth internet sharing? Because wifi is faster than bluetooth?


The program is by one of the brilliant minds over at XDA-developers.
I use it on my Tilt/HTC Kaiser (with one of the custom ROMs) and could not do without it.

Gavin Miller

There’s a similar app for Nokias:


Can’t recall if you’ve featured it on JKOTR. Works a treat on the go with an Ipod Touch, especially as Safari is currently the only mobile browser I can access internet banking with.

Also supports WEP.

Both this and WMWifiRouter are terrific apps for sharing a phone data connection.

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