Verizon Wireless drops smartphone data plan cost by 33%

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Logo_vzwThe U.S. cellular market continues to change and it looks to be for the better. Just this past February, all of the major carriers introduced unlimited calling plans at the $100 mark and today Verizon Wireless has introduced a new rate plan for data on smartphones. If I recall, the old plan was $45 monthly with a qualifying voice plan; at least, that’s what I used to pay when I used an XV6700. Today, VZW introduces a $29.95 data plan for smartphones, again with a qualifying voice plan.The new plan will slowly roll out to handsets: the first eligible devices are the SMT5800, XV6800 and the MOTO Q9m. Verizon Wireless indicates that other devices will follow in the coming months. The plan is advertised as including unlimited e-mail and web access, although you’ll want to double-check the terms of service. If you’re a Microsoft Exchange user, this plan alone won’t help you as it only supports POP3 and IMAP mail. Eric Zeman mentions an $8 monthly extra charge for Microsoft Exchange support, so it looks to me like this is more of a consumer-friendly offering.

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Bob Russell

Interesting. A couple of years ago when I left Verizon, they charged an extra $15 for using the phone as a modem. The base charge for smartphone data was something like $35. I wonder if they decided to put more of the cost on the phone as modem, or if they are simply reducing prices.

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