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Psystar – $400 Mac?

ScreenshotWant a Mac Pro so you can join the cool web working kids but can’t afford one? Miami-based whitebox computer manufacturer Psystar made some waves over the weekend as the tech press noticed their OpenMac: a $400 x86-based clone that they claim will run OS X Leopard flawlessly. In fact, for an extra $150 or so, they’ll even preinstall Leopard for you and ship you a DVD. While installing Leopard on non-Apple hardware is a violation of Apple’s EULA, it’s not clear that this sort of provision has ever been tested in court.

Still, it seems unlikely that the company will last long in the face of Apple’s mass of lawyers, who are surely preparing to address this threat; at the moment, their web site isn’t even holding up to the mass of interested surfers trying to look at the details. If you really want a whitebox Mac clone, and don’t mind stepping over the EULA boundaries, I wouldn’t risk money with this particular company. Head on over to the OSx86 Project site, where you can find all the details you need to build your own from parts.

3 Responses to “Psystar – $400 Mac?”

  1. I was thinking the same thing as Saravanan. It’s always been my understanding it’s illegal to install Leopard on anything but for the almighty mac.