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Next-Gen IPTV Boxes Will Be Cheaper

The second generation of Mediaroom set-top boxes should cost less thanks to silicon from Microsoft partner Sigma Designs. Sigma has a system on a chip that helps lower the costs of silicon in a device by providing features such as storage, DRM and processing power, onto one chip. That drives down the costs of consumer premise equipment for IPTV deployment, which is good for the carriers and Microsoft, which is pushing its Mediaroom platform for IPTV. Let’s hope this carrier equipment doesn’t explode.

3 Responses to “Next-Gen IPTV Boxes Will Be Cheaper”

  1. Stacey Higginbotham

    Geraldz, would extra services, such as interactive TV or easy media streaming throughout the home, make the cost easier to swallow? For many people fiber is a pricey solution to a problem they don’t yet have, so I’m curious what might drive more people to adopt it.

  2. Something’s got to bring down the cost of IPTV. Verizon ran fiber right next to my back yard but there’s no way I’m pay that kind of money for FIOS – I don’t care how fast it is!