YouTorrent: 2 Legit and Quit?

BitTorrent meta-search engine YouTorrent is going legit and will only index sites that source legal torrent files from now on, according to TorrentFreak. One of the guys running the site told TorrentFreak:

“Due to the uncertain nature of the source and accuracy of the results returned by some engines, we have decided to reduce our engine selection to ones that claim the provision of licensed, certified content.”

Not only that, YouTorrent is also exploring a sale of the site and says it has received some interest from potential purchasers.

Though it had just launched in January, YouTorrent’s clean interface and ad-free design helped it rake in more than 10 million unique visitors per month (good luck keeping those people now that the site has gotten rid of the less-than-legal stuff). Looks like we can add YouTorrent to our Ten Sites for Free and Legal Torrents, or our updated list of even more legal torrent sites.