TextOpus: the Swiss Army Knife Tool for Text

If only text documents were as easy as they looked. Whole documents typed entirely in capital letters, content cut and pasted from web sources complete with all HTML tags, random use of spacing – it can be a nightmare to clean up into coherent copy. TextOpus rides to the rescue with a comprehensive collection of web-based text tools ranging from the simple lower-casing of all capital letters through to encrypting information with the BlowFish 448 algorithm.

Modules also include cleaning text so “This is cool,really!!Can you believe it?” is changed to “This is cool, really! Can you believe it?” in seconds. It also arranges lines alphabetically through ascending or descending order (invaluable if you are indexing) and deletes duplicate lines and reverses lines.

For the more technically minded TextOpus also boasts a good range of two-way conversion tools covering hexadecimal, octal, binary and ASCII.  Encryption and hashing are comprehensively covered ranging from simple Base64 through to more advanced systems such as BlowFish.


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