Lenovo adding siblings to X300


Lenovox300I generally try to steer clear of the rumor-mill, but the more I consider this one, the more I see it being mostly true. Gizmodo indicates the Lenovo X300 will have a few bigger siblings and perhaps one smaller one. A 12-inch model would be dubbed the X200, and there is an expected X400 and X500, which are expected in at 14.1- and 15.4-inches respectively.

It’s not much of a stretch for any of these to see the light of day, although I question if a 14-inch model is needed since 13.3- and 15.4 are likely to meet most people’s needs in these standard sizes. As for a smaller model like the X200? There’s a growing trend towards "full featured but small", so I could see it. In fact, I’d love to see an X100 with a 10-inch screen priced around $800.



I too wait for the lenovo x100, to rival the LG P100… a 10.6″ screen, but with an active digitizer, and a dedicated graphics…
Let us pray :o)

Sal Cangeloso

Sooner or later that U110 is going to be out so that is probably as close as you are going to get to a something cheap and below 12″ from Lenovo. Based on the short time I spent with it, it’s nice, but it’s a far cry from the X300 or what the X200 could be.

T Man

I can’t see any X400/X500 models. Just doesn’t make any sense. An X200 will happen though and will be the natural progression from the X61 series. Watch June and September of this year for several revamped releases.


BTW the X300 was originally conceived as a 10″ model. The engineering team persuaded their design chief to go with a 13-inch display “because they’re good for watching movies.”


I wish they’d just chop about a grand off the price of the X300 although I suspect that, as the price of SSD’s comes down, the price should go lower.


I’d also like to see a 10″ version. Sony and Fujitsu were definitely ahead of the curve a few years back, but seem to be moving away from this segment. Given that the X300 is Lenovo’s flagship platform, I don’t expect a sub-$1000 model.

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