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Google Adds Gadget Data Sharing

ScreenshotSometimes little tweaks can make a substantial difference in functionality. Such is the case with the latest change to Google Gadgets (the little bits of functionality that you can host on your iGoogle page). You’ve been able to share gadgets with friends for a while, but now you can also (optionally) let them edit the data in your gadgets.

What this means is that in addition to letting you share calendars and documents (via Google Calendar and Google Docs), Google is enabling much wider sharing. You want to share a to-do list with your virtual assistant? Track expenses for a group project? Collaborate on a survey? Use Sticky notes to plan your next software sprint? It’s all in there now. Oddly enough, gadget sharing isn’t enabled for Google Apps for Domains, where it would seem to be a natural fit.

2 Responses to “Google Adds Gadget Data Sharing”

  1. Because I use Google Apps for Domains to share documents with my clients as well as cooperation partners, I was VERY excited – till I read the last line. Let’s hope this is only a temporary oversight!