Flickr Users Look Down on YouTube

Jinkies, you’d think that Flickr was out clubbing seals given the negative reaction from the photo-sharing community to the site’s new video feature. Members are in full-on digital revolt with more than 30,000 members joining anti-video groups, and a multi-language petition to have video removed.

More entertaining than the idea that a digital petition will actually do anything (it won’t), is the level of anti-YouTube sentiment in the forums. The Flickr community looks down on those YouTube hoi polloi. Here’s a sampling of comments from the Flickr forums:

Let me demonstrate why I don’t want videos on Flickr.
Flickr photo comment: “Well done, very nice composition!”
YouTube video comment: “wtf dat shiz wack no1 even died ths sux”

Take a look at the comments on flickr and the comments on youtube – world of difference

That was a youtube style comment, and that’s what we’re worried about. If you think that the thread is not really a good plan, you could try to say that in a mature way.

Of course, there’s this Flickr quote, which I’m pretty sure was written without any hint of irony:

Youtube users sometime sound like some emotionally distraught people who are part of a lynch mob.

Too bad all this wailing from Flickr members is for naught. The company has made up its mind. Here’s what Flickr staffer Heather had to say about the situation in the forums:

I’m not sure what to say to those who don’t want peanut butter in their chocolate (so to speak). Video is now part of the Flickr DNA and while we will definitely be addressing some of the great feedback for ways that the implementation can be massaged towards better things, we’re not pulling up stakes and rolling back.


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