Google Data Centers Mapped


Our friends at Royal Pingdom have put together a nifty little map that shows Google’s various data centers around the world. They say that….

Google has been looking at sites in Asia, such as Taiwan and Malaysia. There are also reports of a possible data center in Lithuania (Eastern Europe). Google is even more secretive about their US locations, but they have bought 466 acres of land in Blythewood, South Carolina.

Data Center Knowledge has this comprehensive FAQ on Google’s data centers.



How about indonesia.
that country betwen.. Asia and Australia.

than have connectivity optical cable eg: APCN, jakbare (Singapore jakarta) jasuraus ( jakarta Australia ) and etc
than several provider have dedicated data center.

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As noted I would expect them to have something in Australia. The amount of traffic coming from that region must be huge.


Data Centers are not established by any big tech companies in India may be due to hight cost of power, reliability for continuous supply, just my 2 cents….


It is a surprise they don’t have any in Australia, India and Africa. Wouldn’t they be better served if they have in these locations?


The one in London appears to be in the Houses of Parliament, looks like the Pingers are a bit off base there.

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