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RCOM Launches Education Portal On Mobile; Operator Agnostic Service?

Over the past couple of years, Reliance Communications (RCOM) executives have often spoken about Cadbury’s promo they did around exam results – students were shown Cadbury’s Dairy Milk advert if they passed the exam. Exam results appear to have made money for RCOM.

Now they’ve launched Exam Guru with exam results, college admissions, event calendar of exams, admission deadlines, mock tests and tips. It’s available primarily as an IVR (voice portal) service on pre-paid and post-paid, though a few of the features are available on SMS and Reliance Mobile World (WAP). We’re awaiting feature comparison details from RCOM.

Education is a high engagement category, and exam results are just around the corner. A voice portal appears to be the way make most money from it: it’s Rs. 3 per minute on calling 53030303, or Re 1 per minute on 53030101 for a subscription fee of Rs. 10 for 10 days. You know how these IVR menus stretch forever, right? Maybe that’s why there’s more focus on IVR than SMS or WAP.

Perhaps different operators will have different services – too many numbers, too much confusion. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for an operator agnostic service on the mobile – on IVR, SMS and WAP. I wonder if Naukri has mobile plans for its education portal –

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