First Nokia Becomes A Content Company, Now Qualcomm?


Now that Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has made the plunge and has reorganized its business to focus on mobile content through its Ovi portal, it appears others are working up the courage to follow suit. Next on the list: Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM). The “new” Qualcomm is focused on services and personalization, going beyond its BREW network, to include a focus on branded media, entertainment and other companies, according to Msearchgroove’s Peggy Anne Salz, who interviewed Herbert Vanhove, the company’s VP and GM of Internet Services for Europe.

Salz wrote: “Without a doubt Qualcomm has the corporate DNA for a full-force push into the delivery of targeted (dynamically personalized) content, apps and advertising.” Driving the company’s change was the integration of a couple acquisitions, including Xiam Technologies, an Irish provider of targeted advertising and recommendation engine. The engine will be integrated into BREW, and also BrandXtend, its service focused on branded media, entertainment, music and game companies. It will also be offered as a standalone service that can be purchased by operators and others.

Ultimately, it sounds like the service could evolve into a lot of different things, but the current emphasis is pretty simple — up-selling current customers based on their likes and behaviors. “It

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