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Storwize Gets $19M

Storwize, one of the many startups tweaking storage for the cloud, netted $19 million in funding yesterday. The round follows a $9 million Series B raised in 2007 and an early round, the value of which was undisclosed. San Jose, Calif.-based Storwize offers real-time compression of data for primary storage. The funding will be used to help the company market its existing products for the network-attached storage market and launch products that will work with storage area networks using Fibre Channel.

6 Responses to “Storwize Gets $19M”

  1. Pete Steege

    I agree Stacy, any deleting of content happens right away. Who’s going to go back through last year’s photos? Video’s going to turbo charge the capacity in a big way.

  2. Vladimir Vlach

    Why is nobody offering fast storage & cloud solutions in Europe and Asia. Both growing markets! I would love to use storage in let’s say in Hong Kong and Germany.

  3. Stacey Higginbotham

    JB, when everything’s digital we won’t need attics :) Seriously, I think CIOs have so many regulations related to data retention that storage is an issue for them, but really it’s the digital movies, music, photos, etc. that storage is now trying to handle. Right now, people aren’t asking themselves how many of the 300 photos of their one-week vacation they really want to see again. They just keep them all.

  4. Wow – the world keeps going full circle! I remember in the early ’90s the software-based Stacker software that helped my 5MB harddisk hold 10MB… then storage became cheap… Now storage is still cheap, but we store so much useless data because it’s cheap, but are running out of space and power to run the disks… So back to compression!

    Maybe we should stop hording data… a lot of it is truly useless and will never be used. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you should…

    I wonder if there’s a correlation between CIOs that are in favor of keeping all data forever and the amount of crap stored in attics and garages…