Google Docs Adds PowerPoint Export and Saved Searches

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Google Docs is a definite blessing to web workers.  It allows for easy document creation with only a web browser and includes collaboration tools that enables you to have co-workers view and edit your documents, all with version control.

Save as PPTGoogle Presentations, Google’s attempt at a Microsoft PowerPoint-like application was recently launched.  To enhance cross-office collaboration, users can now export to PowerPoint.  To use this feature, chose “Save as PPT” from the File menu from within Google Presentations.

Also, you can use now save your searches.  So if you’re looking for a document from a particular person named “Joan”, you can save your search for future use for quick file reference.

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Troy Duncan

Thanks to Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Reader I’m almost completely in the clouds. Only if I can find a viable web alternative Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

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