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MipTV Round-Up: Hulu Aims Global; MySpaceTV New Production; Orange UK IPTV

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Threads from the TV content market happening on the Croisette in Cannes…

Hulu aims global: Jason Kilar, CEO of the NBC/News Corp (NYSE: NWS) web TV JV, told the crowd he would like the platform to be available outside the US at some point: “We have an ambition to be global and bring the world’s content into local markets. We’ll have to assemble the rights on a market-by-market basis and that takes time but we’re hard at work on that.” Via Screen.

MySpace does Bebo: MySpace UK has commissioned the producers of rival Bebo’s Lonelygirl15 spin-off KateModern to make a 60-webisode new drama series, I Love Chieftown. The production centres on a filmmaker shooting a music documentary and, like KateModern, will allow for interaction with the cast. This is the latest original production following Special Delivery, Quarterlife and Beyond The Rave. Via emailed release.

MySpaceTV does DVD: In a reversal of the traditional commissioning relationship, MySpace has licensed ShineReveille to sell its original own productions to TV and DVD outlets outside the US, as well as merchandisers. That extends to commissioned series like Quarterlife “on a case-by-case basis”. SVP Travis Katz said MySpaceTV was developing original content in 26 countries. Release.

Orange UK IPTV: They said the same thing last year, but France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) CEO Didier Lombard this morning told MipTV Orange’s much-delayed UK IPTV service will launch “by the end of the year”, Reuters says. The service already operates in France, Poland and Spain and had promised a 2007 UK launch but that was pushed back to this year, being tested by 300 users in Leeds and London. All we’ve seen so far is idents produced for the service in September.

2 Responses to “MipTV Round-Up: Hulu Aims Global; MySpaceTV New Production; Orange UK IPTV”

  1. Robert Andrews

    News Corp hasn't said it in so many words, but a fair assessment from the MySpace side, for sure.

    As you note, not only are these sites becoming the new commissioners and co-producers, they're also now trying to distribute that IP back to TV. Which is pretty remarkable really.

    Not just TV. I'm flying Virgin Atlantic later this month and hope to find Bebo's KateModern on the in-flight entertainment deck. Not sure where the payment split lays there between Bebo/LG15 Productions/Big Balls Films. Like you, I think the Time Warner aspect to the Bebo dynamic could be very interesting, assuming it can ramp up its production capacity following KateModern, The Gap Year, Sofia's Diary.

  2. Re MySpaceTV does DVD and MySpace does Bebo

    Rob, I would say that since the press releases for both of these, a much larger story is emerging here.

    Senior MySpace execs Katz and Kantrowitz are articulating a vision for MySpace to become a global hub for commissioning, testing and distributing original online shows and formats to television broadcasters around the world.

    MySpace TV has just become News Corp’s television production R&D;division, with an international footprint.

    Full analysis here: