Want Green Cell Phone Goods? Solar Bluetooth, Recycled Tire Case

Credo Mobile, the green phone division of Working Assets, has two new accessories it started touting on Tuesday. The San Francisco-based company that gives a portion of its phone plan revenues to charities has started offering its subscribers a solar-powered Bluetooth headset from Iqua, and a phone case made out of recycled tires from Better Energy Systems.

Credo Mobile says it’s the first phone company to offer these goods. The phone company, which tells us they have around 50,000 mobile subscribers, has been trying to add the latest hip accessories in an effort to boost its user base.

Iqua’s Solar Bluetooth Headset: Iqua, of Finland, was founded by a group of former Nokia executives to design wireless accessories. Its headset uses a photovoltaic solar cell to charge the device, and Credo’s offering it for $99. We haven’t tested it out but it got a pretty good review from CNET when it came out last November.

Tread Cell Phone Case: The UK-based startup Better Energy Systems is well-known for their Solio solar charger, but they also sell these gadget cases made from recycled tires off of Colombian banana trucks. For real. They’re branded as the Tread cases and Credo’s selling the cell phone version for $25.

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