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Vid-Biz: Fyreball, Mobile, Lip Dub

Fyreball Lets You Forward Media; startup wants you to assemble pages of media rather than emailing when sending to friends. (VentureBeat)

YouTube a Headache for Unlimited Mobile Plans? All-you-can-watch video could tax mobile data networks. (GigaOM)

Lip Dub Genesis Revealed; CollegeHumor posts vid showing the making of the internet meme. (Reel Pop)

Panache Supports Adobe Media Player; video advertising platform expands its media mapping technology to include the just-released player. (release)

Yahoo Gets Extreme With GrindTV; two companies will create co-branded channel for sports such as skateboarding and surfing. (MediaWeek)

Philips Gets Out of the TV Game in the U.S.; brand suffered from being stuck between premium and low-end. (The New York Times)