Please tell me Nokia’s “Tube” has no stylus


Tube02we6There’s quite a bit of buzz around the “Tube”, which is expected to be Nokia’s touch-enabled handset meant to compete squarely with the Apple iPhone. On paper the rumors sound appealing: large touch-screen, quad-band GSM, HSDPA, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and camera. The S60 environment should be updated nicely for touch controlling, so it all sounds good.I saw two pics of the apparent device over at Symbian Freak and well… I did freak. Hopefully, the second picture uses a stylus simply to depict the phone’s size, but based on the rounded stylus top that appears to match the round nature of the phone’s corner, I’m concerned. If this phone comes with a stylus, I think Nokia will have missed the boat. Mainstream consumers are still mystified and wary of the stylus. Some people have actually asked me “And what does that do?” when I’ve pulled the stylus on my XV6700, as if it the stylus itself has “features.” “There’s no magical or technical properties”, I tell them. “It’s just easier to tap on the phone.”At this point, the stylus should simply go away on a handheld phone. It’s been successfully proven that with the right user interface, it’s simply not needed on a device with a screen size of 3-inches or less. Again, I’m really hoping that the pic is just for size comparison, but if it’s not, I hope Nokia considers this as constructive feedback. If you’re going to start out in the touchscreen device market: start out right with a touch-optimized UI and lose the stylus.


Mike Cane

>>>That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve read today. Thanks for the chuckle.

You’re welcome. You probably would have laughed back in the 1980s if I told you Chrysler was doomed and would be bought by Germans. That Jaguar was doomed and would be bought by the Chinese.

Let’s meet here in 2020 shall we? I’ll be sure to have the last laugh.


It’s funny you say that, that the phones in europe are so much better.
I live in Iceland and I work at a mobile carrier an have had accsess to most new phones and before I had my iPhone I always switched phones every 2-3 weeks or so. No I have had my iPhone for almost 6 months and have not touched another phone, and no phone have even remotely tempted me.

When I look at the iPhone I look at what it can don, not what it can’t do. and here are the 4 reasons why the iPhone is the best phone for me.

#1 – Built quality. The only phone in Nokia’s line that comes even close to iPhone’s built quality is the 8800 and it cost’s 2-3X more.

#2 – Comfortable to use with one hand, comfortable UI.

#3 – Best mobile webbrowser awailable today on a phone.

#3 – fully functional iPod in my phone.

And when Nokia offer me an ugly plastic alternative with worse UI, worse media featurs and worse webbrowser, All the GPS’s, 3G’s and built in FM radio’s of the world could never even get me to think about letting it replace my iPhone.


Gotta wholeheartedly disagree here. The stylus is what allows fast text input if you know how to use it and practice a little.

We all know how bad onscreen keyboards suck. What is worse to me is the complete waste of space, thickness, etc of implementing a hardware keyboard. With a little practice one can easily stylus write faster than thumb write.

Now in terms of any UI or navigation there should be absolutely NO stylus input, this is where windows mobile is woefully behind the curve. The stylus is only for one purpose and one purpose only, for long text entry.

BTW I used to write all my patient daily encounter notes and long reports on my old Ipaq before tablet PC’s came out. I would routinely write 20-30 pages of text per day on it. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine doing that with a hardware keyboard, or gasp… an onscreen keyboard.

So please think twice before you denounce the stylus. What you really mean to denounce is stylus navigation within an UI.

i have said it before and i say it again, the iphone is a construct of the us mobile phone market.

compared to even a low price nokia in europe, the feature set of the iphone is down right laughable.

bluetooth that cant do file transfer? come on…

but i guess the us market i used to that sort of thing so i dont blame them.

i will say the same about the iphone as i will say about a girl. while the looks my get me interested, the brains will make me stay.

but then i guess i match the geek stereotype, and probably have my style vs substance values crossed these days…


I’m all for freedom of choice and I have owned many great S60 phones, but also many crapy ones.

But staitments like:
“We all know that iPhone is nothing but the crap”
“The iPhone brings nothing new to the market”

they just judge them self.

Also it is quite funny to see Nokia make the same mistake that all of apple competitors in the iPod market made, make worse product’s with more, and more features.


“Yeah, right. Feeling the heat of impending bankruptcy in Finland, are they? Good riddance.”

That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve read today. Thanks for the chuckle.

Nokia has over 40% of the handset market globally. Nokia also has over 50% of the smartphone market globally. The iPhone is definitely not a piece of crap, but right now Apple is a tiny blip on the radar compared to Samsung as far as Nokia is concerned. Will that change in a few years when Apple has 4 or 5 solid handsets out. You’re damn right it will. Hopefully by then Nokia will have put this S60 Touch nonsense behind them and will have stepped up their game if they choose to be competitive in the touch UI market. Either way, they’ll be the global leader for many, many years to come…

im with the people that say choice is good.

reading webforums on my N800 i can either zoom 3-4 levels so that the “new posts” element becomes big enough to reliably hit with a finger, pop the stylus and tap it with that, or turn of all images so that i can get the alternative text based link…

and given the limited options of a iphone, i would say that zooming until finger friendly would be my only option. and then zooming back out again so that one get most of the text on screen again. all in all, meh…

if the unfamiliarity of the user should stop one from including something, then we would still be bashing stones together…

Mike Cane

>>>S60 environment

Oh Christ. Yeah, have fun with that General Public.

>>>We all know that iPhone is nothing but the crap

Yeah, right. Feeling the heat of impending bankruptcy in Finland, are they? Good riddance.


Finger-touch works great for some things, but for others, not so well.

Putting aside HWR (which I’ll happily take if I can get it), there are also plenty of web pages with dense links that are close enough that it’s hard to be precise with a finger on a 3″ screen. Heck, just move up THIS page to the list of recent comments on the right and you’ll see what I mean – and there are much harder examples out there. I’ll take the stylus for this purpose alone, every time. Remember, most web pages are designed for use with a precision pointing instrument that can put the pointer in a space a few pixels wide – a mouse or stylus – not for finger pointing.

Matthew Miller (aka palmsolo)

The S60 Touch UI is both touch and stylus enabled so it leaves the choice up to the user, which I actually prefer. You cannot do any handwriting recognition with your finger so if you want to use this input method you need a stylus.

I think having both is a better design than the iPhone because it gives you the choice.


Stylius is just an option and it is necessary for the handwriting recognition.. . . .

You should read my S60 5th gen related article for more about interface itself:

Anyway, Nokia intention is to kill iPhone by the features so don’t blame them because of the UI only, in my personal opinion adding the touch option to S60 platform is the great move and it also important o say that there will not be the code break and 5th edition will be backward compatible!

Speaking about iPhone, well, it was already discussed numerous times and I am not interesting in opening the same discussion again, it is completely pointless, its hard to say something about phone that lacks file manager for example, phone that lacks cut/copy/paste feature or isn’t capable to process crappy MMS format or record video in 3gp format at least, or phone that has BT but can’t send a files over it, will stop it here as I haven’t enough time to count all cons, crap is crap and that’s it.

We all know that iPhone is nothing but the crap, but general public won’t know that and most of them won’t even realize that when they actually buy one.

The iPhone brings nothing new to the market, except multi touch of course, actually, if it brings anything new, its the look, and honestly, slim and sleek design has been seen before, and it will be done again, Prada is nice example and it going to be even better and better equipped phone with more features.

Price, size, weight, height, width, design, brand, OS, who really care, features before all and in terms of features it simply *, it’s a piece of **** with nice screen over it and extremely good marketing behind it. . .


Kevin C. Tofel

Yup, I just saw the Engadget article. There’s a VERY skinny scrollbar and accompanying stylus expected. I think Nokia would make a much bigger splash if they could tweak the UI to remove the scrollbar.

Mr. Crash

I believe it was engadget but don’t quote me…

I’m sure someone specifically mentioned that it is (at least at this point in time) supposed to have a stylus.

in reference to this they said while the S60 icons seemed marginally tweaked, the scroll bar at the side of this particular shot is veeeery small and probably not finger friendly per se…

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