New Tablet PC in Mobile Tech Manor


It’s raining gadgets at Mobile Tech Manor as today unexpectedly this showed up at the door:


There will soon be good coverage of this HP Pavilion tx2051 Entertainment Notebook but I can tell you so far it’s the fastest Tablet PC I’ve used yet due to these awesome specs:

  • AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-66 2.30 GHz (dual 64-bit processors)
  • 12.1 inch WXGA High-definition BrightView Widescreen (dual digitizer- touch and pen)
  • 250 GB 5,400 rpm HDD
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD+RW Double Layer optical drive
  • 8-cell battery
  • 4-cell battery
  • Remote control
  • 5 in 1 card reader
  • ExpressCard 34 slot
  • nVidia GeForce Go 6150 graphics
  • Vista Ultimate (64 bit)
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Webcam

A few more photos after the jump.

Cimg0545 Cimg0547 Cimg0549



@Aaron J. Walker:

You can get XP up and running provided you back up the drivers that you need, find the compatible XP drivers for the tx1000 and definitely save the dll file associated with quickplay buttons. There are a few guides about this up on the forums so I won’t go into details as it’s definitely doable.


I have been trying to decide between this & the new Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium! Can’t wait to read your review. The heat & poor battery life have given me pause, but the price point is fantastic! I just configured a nicely equipped one at the HP site for $1060. That’s cheaper than the Q1 Ultra Premium!
How I hate these nerve wracking decisions! :)

Phillip B

Any one know if you can get Tablet XP 2005 on this thing? My work software will not run on Vista. I don’t see that HP offers an XP TAblet option but does anyone know IF they do it?


Aaron J. Walker

Looks like this is part of the answer to your question James.

How much is the tablet function worth? If from your review, this tablet continues to impress, then this price will be closer to “right” for some.

I am looking forward to it since I saw it’s predecessor on sale at my local Best Buy for $999.99 I wasn’t even in the market for a new tablet then but spent 30 – 45 minutes playing around with it. (Passive digitizer/touchscreen was terrible)

HP keeping the price down to a smaller “premium” over a standard laptop but throwing in (and hyping) all the student centric features could keep tablet pcs from falling further into the niche than we already are.

If your review comes back as positive as your first impressions and the inking is acceptable, this may be my tablet upgrade and upgrade to Vista.


I must say, with coupons floating around this is a fantastic deal for around the 1 grand mark. That being said, I’m surprised this is the fastest tablet you have used, as stepping to this from my Fujitsu T4220 with the T7500 feels like stepping into a sports-sedan after driving a sports car. While around the same weight, I can definitely perceive the speed difference between the two, and the battery life leaves a lot to be desired. I have the 2.2ghz with 4 gigs of RAM for anyone interested.

While I don’t mean to step into the boundaries of the review I should say that lifting the pen more than an inch will cause the touchscreen to activate if your palm is on the screen while writing, causing stray marks. There are other small factors that annoy me that add up to a lot, but I won’t into them as I’m keen on the review. For the most part, I turn a blind eye and count the money I saved and be happy.


I have the TX1000, with very similar specs, except for the passive digitizer. I would love to have something in the TX2000 line! Yeah, it’s more for running from outlet to outlet than actual mobility, and I wouldn’t want to use it where I couldn’t sit down and put it in my lap, but I like the general speediness and price. I consider the lapwarming to be an added feature, approximately equivalent to my two cats, who often share my recliner.


i’m still on a target for this tablet pc. it’s the cheapest i can get, though here in singapore, to get it at a price of S$1,699 the buyer should present a student pass. otherwise, it would cost around S$2,800+. it seems HP here in singapore is encouraging students to use tablet pcs for their schoolwork. they’ve done it the previous year with the tx1000 series (though it’s not really a tablet pc)

Jonathan Balkind

I got one of these a few weeks back at a slightly lower spec and it’s absolutely great! In the UK, there wasn’t a customisable build, so I got the 2GHz,250GB and 2GB ram, but it runs really quickly and you get two batteries in the box, too.

I heard some people complaining about vectoring due to the automatic switch between active/passive digitiser, but it’s been absolutely fine for me, possibly because of my writing style.

I hope you enjoy covering this tablet (but watch out because it can get pretty warm)


Hi James

Could you do a test on the battery life? I’m not sure how much this differs from the TX2000 but from various reviews, that model seemed to have really weak battery life.

Thanks! Look forward to what you have to say


I’m really looking forward to your review of this. I recently played with one for about an hour and it was pretty nice. In the end the weight,battery life, and button layout caused me to go with a FUjitsu t2010 instead but I still have that lingering doubt ;)


Yes, it is one of the fastest. It also feels like it weighs about 120 lbs, runs hot enough to cook pop-tarts on, and eats battery life as if it were Ms. Pac-Man with PMS.

I consider this class of machine to be “hypothetically mobile”. Yes, it runs on batteries, but if you need to run it for any length of time, you had better be near an outlet. Joined in the hypothetically mobile class are the Sony UX series and the OQO.

Stephen Feger

Curious that they gave you a TX2051 with a TL-66 processor since they don’t offer that option on the HP website. You can get a 2.2 GHz or a 2.4 GHz, but not a 2.3 GHz that they apparently gave you.

BTW, one minor point… the processor is a dual core, not dual processors. For a second there, I though we were talking about something wildly different altogether! :) That puppy would probably melt your legs if it had two processors! :)

One question comes to mind that I haven’t seen in other reviews. What is it like when you are writing on the screen in slate mode and you are using the 8 cell battery? How odd (or not) does it feel since the left side of the laptop would be elevated from the considerable bulk of the 8-cell battery?

Vectoring certainly doesn’t seem to be a problem now that they have an active digitizer capability in addition to the touch capability. But I’ll be curious to see if you have any issue with stray marks from having your hand on the screen while at the same time having the pen tip more than an inch away from the digitizer (which would enable the touch function). More of an interesting usability issue than anything else. Is there anyway to temporarily disable the touchscreen capability? I know Rob Bushway has mentioned that he can switch the digitizer on the Dell Tablet from “Dual” to “Auto” mode which activates the passive digitizer with a double tap from the pen. I like that. Does a similar feature exist on the TX2051?


James, when you do a review, would you comment on the screen quality of the unit? The screen on tx1000 series a huge disappointment and I wish HP improved it on a new series. I’m especially interested in brightness, and viewing angle. Thanks.

Stephen Feger

Nice timing. I just spent the last hour going over specs, reviews and video on the TX2000z. I can’t wait to read (see) your comments on this laptop. On the lower end, this laptop can be obtained very well equipped for just over $1,000. It’s general weakness seems to be the heavier weight and the rather anemic battery life when using the smaller battery.

Very much looking forward to a thorough review. Once again, I envy you.



I just priced one out at Under $1700.00 with rebate.

I wish I hadn’t done that…


>.> I’ve always wanted one of these… If you get bored of it, let me know. :-P

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