Lino Delivers Online Stickies

ScreenshotLino is a new application that lets you put virtual sticky notes on an online canvas. There are other such applications, of course; they’re good for storyboarding or task management, particularly if you’re a visual thinker. What makes Lino stand out is a very attractive presentation and a good mix of features.

After an instant signup, you get your own “canvas” – think of a bulletin board. You can, of course, create, edit, delete, and reposition notes. But you can also email them, set reminders on them, and add photos as well as text. There’s a tagging facility to let you manage groups of stickies by any keyword you want. You can create new canvases, and keep them private, make them public, or share them with friends. What’s missing? Incoming email integration would be nice. But for a service that just entered beta, this one is already looking pretty good.