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Iberdrola's Got the Most Wind On the Block

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The owner of the most wind power in the world is now Spanish utility Iberdrola, according to Emerging Energy Research. The research firm’s report says Iberdrola now owns nearly 7 gigawatts of wind power plants, after adding over 1.55 gigawatts of new wind plant construction and an additional 1.45 gigawatts through its purchase of ScottishPower’s wind plants in 2007.

Iberdrola managed to pass former leader Florida-based power company FPL Energy during 2007, despite the fact that FPL also added a sizable amount of wind power plants to bring its total wind plant ownership to 5 gigawatts. The report says the top 20 wind plant owners in the world ended last year with 32.8 gigawatts of wind capacity combined, representing just 35 percent of the total amount of wind plants in the world. Windy world.

And next year competition is supposed to get even tougher. EER Research Director Joshua Magee says:

“With viable wind M&A targets dwindling, remaining at the head of the global wind rankings requires adding at least 500 MW of new wind build per year.”

For serious. Well, for now Iberdrola’s got the most wind in the neighborhood, but we’ll see if FPL can regain the lead.