Going Solo Symposium in Switzerland on May 16th

By Imran Ali, a founding partner of Carbon Imagineering, a UK-based emerging technologies think tank incubating a number of technology startups as well as contributing expertise to various media properties, including O’Reilly, Corante and Giga Omni Media.

Web Worker Daily’s very much been grounded in the notion of ‘going bedouin‘ – a perfect storm of powerful laptops, coworking, budget air travel, on-demand infrastructure and cheap telecoms that have made the lifestyle of the web worker possible and plausible.

Though many web workers are full-time employees, a great many are freelance workers and indeed freelancers predate the web worker as an effective nomadic, indie workforce. However, social and technological trends are certainly driving an increase in the freelancer population in all industries; perhaps most notably and noticeably in tech. Though its easy to find recommendations on tools and technologies, the business end of freelancing is often a baptism of fire!

Swiss blogger and social media consultant, Stephanie Booth, is seeking to remedy this by convening Going Solo, a day-long symposium of sessions, talks and tutorials on best practices for the freelancer (disclosure: I’ve been an unpaid advisor to Going Solo for the last 3 months), with speakers including luminaries such as Suw Charman and Stowe Boyd.

Taking place on 16th May and overlooking the shores of Lake Geneva in Lausanne, Going Solo will focus on…

  • setting your day rates
  • marketing yourself
  • closing & negotiating contracts
  • finding & working with clients
  • managing finances, contracts and legals,
  • tools, technologies and methods
  • taking advantage of social media
  • coworking
  • travel & international clients

Though the details of the programme remain unpublished, the subject areas do look to be addressing some of the key concerns for new and even experienced freelancers – at the very least providing a forum for figuring out common problems and issues.

It’ll be interesting to see how the freelancing community reacts to Going Solo and whether there’ll be opportunities to collaboratively create a corpus of freelancing tips that can spread beyond those who attend to the wider community.