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Coskata: How to Deliver $1 a Gallon Next-Gen Ethanol

Coskata made a big splash at the start of the year with the claim that they could produce ethanol for $1 a gallon from such sundry feedstocks as woodchips, grasses and old tires. They also managed to launch their company with a partnership and investment from General Motors. This week the company’s CEO Bill Roe sat down with Earth2Tech to discuss Coskata’s get-to-market plan, how it can make $1 per gallon next-gen ethanol, and why he thinks there is space for a lot of ethanol companies.

3 Responses to “Coskata: How to Deliver $1 a Gallon Next-Gen Ethanol”

  1. Jim Gomez

    Please provide, sizes, cost of equipment and operation. Time for delivery and instalation. Also maintenance.

    Thank you
    148Newcastle Dr
    Jupiter, FL 33458

  2. There is no refueling infrastructure for methane, unlike ethanol that can be dispensed at any gas station, furthermore any car can be converted to run on ethanol. It really does seem like ethanol is the future, I mean when you can convert garbage to a fuel your really on to something!

  3. So how does Coskata plan to move all that bulky biomass to it’s big expensive processing plant? Biomass is hard to use economically if you have to move it more than 25 miles or so.

    Why not instead use a simpler plant to process the biomass to biomethane? Then pipe it into the NG infrastructure, which already exists. The whole system would be cheaper, and more efficient in the use of the biomass.

    I’d rather drive a car using methane, if the fuel cost was half the price of ethanol.