Brighter Planet: Climate Change? Just Put It On My Card

Too busy to fight climate change? Just charge the problem away with one of Middlebury, Vt.-based Brighter Planet’s credit card offers. The two-year-old startup says this morning that it has raised a $3.2 million Series B round of funding led by Crow Hill Ventures to bring in more users to its services.

OK we partly jest — offsetting carbon with credit cards is a good small step, particularly when done in conjunction with other energy-efficiency activities. And Brighter Planet isn’t the only one in that business. GE also offers its Earth Rewards card, Dutch Rabobank has a Climate Card, and U.K.-based Barclay Bank has the Barclaycard Breathe card.

Brighter Planet credit card users can earn points for every $1 spent, with every 1,000 points going toward offsetting 1 ton of carbon. The company announced its credit card service, which works with Bank of America, late last year.

The startup also offers other products, including carbon-offsetting services for events. While offsetting consumers’ carbon footprints is still a business with a lot of unknowns, startups like Brighter Planet and TerraPass seem to be comfortable betting their entire business models on the industry. Brighter Planet works with carbon offset provider NativeEnergy.


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