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Vignette To Acquire Video White Labeler Vidavee For $6.6 Million; Sale Price Below Total Raise

Vignette is acquiring white label video provider Vidavee for $6.6 million. The sale is a testament to how competitive and difficult this space is, as the final price comes in below the $8 million that NYC-based Vidavee has raised. The company hasn’t done much to stand out from the pack, and its website currently suggests that it’s undergoing some sort of a refresh — though that could just be a reflection of the sale. The company, which (like a lot of others) helps companies add user-gen capabilities, has done online video work with the HuffingtonPost. The acquisition also underscores the fact that white label social start-ups, despite the trendy patina of Web 2.0, are very much within the enterprise software family. Release.

3 Responses to “Vignette To Acquire Video White Labeler Vidavee For $6.6 Million; Sale Price Below Total Raise”

  1. wow, G, you sound like a disgruntled employee that almost knows something. facts are wrong, a little over 8M included angel, A and bridge and you don't know the earnout. company did lay off last year, then focused product and traded up customers from money loosing to high paying. patents issued and pending are used in base product.

  2. i used to work for a company who was using Vignette for their CMS, it basically sucks all the developers were complaining. that was a few years ago.

    having said that, i think vignette is being too generous with the video company Vidavee, there are so many white label video sites out there which they could have bought for dirt cheap not to mention i think developing it in house would have not only been cheaper but more efficient and integrated with their current products as well. but it's a dog eat dog world out there, who am i to say what's good for their business.

  3. It was definitely over 8 million – even though it may not be public yet. The raised an Angel Round / Seed Round – then the Series A, which ran out over a year ago when they starting laying off people. Subsequent to that they got approximately 2.5 in distress funding – all in all – it is close to 12 million or so. Not giving you a hard time – I realize sometimes these things are buried in fine print (and may not have reached disclosure stage).

    Also to be noted – most of their customers including the big one HuffPo dropped them a whle ago.

    They have IP – but has nothing to do with their white label solution (if you want to call it one!)- and the sale really was about the IP and not the service – that one stunk to high heaven.

    If you want the real numbers – and if you can manage to get him to talk – the VC from Trident that lead the deal – his name is Evangelos Simoudis – 101 batting average in his last few investments.

    "Evangelos' current directorships include DesiHits, Doppelganger, Host Analytics, SeaTab Software and Vidavee. Prior directorships include Bristol Technology (acquired by Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)), Composite Software, Confluent Software (acquired by Oracle Corporation (ORCL)) and Princeton Softech (acquired by IBM)."

    Rafat – you should make it part of your commentary to call out these VCs who make these money loosing investments – makes it more fun – don't you think so?