The Internet: Hillary Clinton’s BFF?

It’s hard to imagine how this election cycle might have played out without the influence of online video — especially for Hillary Clinton. Whether or not you support the senator from New York, web video has offered us a chance to call media bias into question or reexamine her stories, in theory adding a new level of sophistication to discussing her campaign.

And yet, given all these possibilities, what is today’s most-watched Clinton video on YouTube? In fact, what is today’s most watched YouTube video, period? The latest in the attractive-girl-singing-about-political-candates genre, Hillary, Be My Best Friend.

A short music video created by “Venetian Princess” Jodie-Amy Rivera, this video makes heavy use of amateur greenscreening to… I’m actually not sure what’s happening here. Is this an endorsement for Clinton? Is this meant to be mocking the candidate’s currently tenuous status in the current election? It’s hard to ascribe too much cleverness to this short, especially given lyrics like “We’ll have slumber parties and paint each other’s toes/And I know you’re older, so I’ll even pluck your nose” and “We can go on double dates/Just make sure Bill colors his hair.” It’s a shallow, silly bit of fluff — and might become popular enough to make people forget about that silly Bosnia mix-up.

I often pretend to know why something will go viral, but other times I’m completely mystified. Hillary, Be My Best Friend is just ridiculous, a slightly amusing Obama Girl rip-off that lacks the original’s clever lyrics, production value, and, well, originality. And what does Venetian Princess receive for showing up and looking pretty? Yet more subscribers, YouTube revenue sharing, and the eyes of an entire web nation.

I know we’re deeply divided as a nation. But can we all come together and agree to stop watching bad videos? Well, as long as Venetian Princess remains one of G4’s “10 Hottest Women on the Internet” — hell, as long as G4 has a list of the hottest women on the Internet — probably not.


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