Google Shows Off Plug-in Electric Car Data

Google’s been tracking its plug-in electric vehicle project for a couple months now, and has started compiling some of that data on its website. While they don’t have any conclusions yet as to whether or not plug-in Priuses are substantially better than Priuses (patience folks), they have started updating colorful charts recording the details of driving and charging each of the two Priuses and the three plug-in Priuses.

Googs also gave some more details of how its tracking system works, which, yes, we’re a little enthusiastic about. Google says it’s using an embedded Linux computer in each vehicle made by Soekris Engineering. The cars also use an ammeter to measure how much power the car is sucking from the grid when plugged in, and a GPS to record the car’s position and more importantly time for the web logs.

I’ve got two questions. Google is doing this because they are interested in the technology, but have other companies done this research before? And also, hey Google why’d you guys only drive “Machu Picchu” (one of the get-away-vacation-named plug-in Priuses) once over the past few months? Poor fella.


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