Freeware of the moment: Crucial’s memory scanner for Mac and PC


Although it’s pretty easy to determine how much RAM you have in a PC or Mac, it can be pretty helpful to know how much total memory your machine supports as well as the specs for the type of memory you need. Crucial’s System Scanner is a quick and dirty free tool that has only been around for Windows up to now. Mac owners can grab the 550 Kb application direct from Crucial.Of course, Crucial is a major memory vendor, so along with your results, you’ll find easy-to-purchase compatible memory sets but that’s a small price to pay for a little data. I’ve never used this freeware on any of my UMPC memory upgrades in the past, but I gather it could have come in handy. As you can see above, I’ve already topped out the memory in my MacBook Pro.(via Ars Technica)


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