Cable Cut Culprits Caught?


Dubai port authorities have impounded two ships, MV Hounslow and MT Ann, believed to be responsible for damage to undersea cables that saw India lose half of its Internet capacity earlier this year, according to India’s Hindu News. Conspiracy theories have flourished about the source of the cuts, which affected the undersea cable network of a Reliance Globalcom unit. Reliance fingered the two based on satellite footage of ship movement in the Mediterranean around that time. And while it’s not clear whether the two ships are behind the service interruption yet, even if they are, it probably won’t stop the speculation that surrounded the original break.



Actually, according to Wired magazine, the cables get cut all the time. It’s just that most places have lots of redundant systems so traffic is just rerouted and no one suffers. There are quite a few cables down there.


Please don’t say – “India’s Hindu News”. Say it “The Hindu News”.


The big question is whether it was intentional or a case of just using their anchors without knowing that cables were running below. I smell conspiracy since 3 cables were cut within the week. Historically speaking, the cables do not get cut often and to find 3 being cut within a week is (probably) probabilistically approaching conviction close numbers.

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