Indiatimes Launches Social Networking Site –

So it’s been well over a year and a half in the making, and the in the meantime the bloom appears to have gone off the social networking boom in India: finally Times Internet (Indiatimes) has soft-launched its social networking site –

Take a look around here (screencap). itimes users are given an email address separate from Indiatimes. Considering the media push around Indiatimes Mail, I wonder why they went ahead with a login and email separate from Indiatimes. A screencap of the profile page here. There’s also a gaming zone, much like Indiatimes has a gaming zone. The site has blogs, but again – what about O3? itimes has a classifieds section/marketplace, similar to YoList. Why not incorporate existing Indiatimes properties and content, and have a social network around it, instead of running two separate ecosystem with fairly similar features? Perhaps there are legacy issues with Indiatimes…

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What’s most interesting? itimes appears to be ready to open up its API from the word go (screencap) – I’ve requested for a developer guide via the site, and am awaiting a mail with details (been 20 minutes, no mail). Some details here. They’re also allowing users to upload videos and photos here. Well, that’s that then – so far, in beta, it appears to be a fairly basic social networking site. What’ll differentiate it from the rest are the users that Times Internet is able to get on board with a media push. Any plans for integration with 58888?

I wonder how much they paid for the domain name (any guesses?)…over the past year that Indiatimes has taken to launch this site, there were a bunch of odd names doing the rounds – including some as vague as “bickering”.

Update: It’s been around 15 hours, and I still haven’t received the developer guide. Maybe it’s something they intend to introduce later.