Windows Mobile plugin is simply


070717delicious0We covered this last summer, but with the rise of social bookmarking, tweeting and everything else that used to be private, it’s probably worth another mention. Plus our good friends over at Hackszine just caught wind of it. It’s a tasty plugin for Internet Explorer on your Windows Mobile device: a free extension for quick and easy posting of links to You can send URLs, descriptions, tags and notes right to the social bookmarking service from your handheld, courtesy of Dale Lane. He apparently had a heck of a time with the project last year, so you programmer types (and the morbidly curious) can find the pitfalls and challenges in his write-up.Dale offers up the full VB source code and the CAB file for installation on his site. You’ll need a touchscreen Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device along with .NET Compact Framework 2. I have to wonder if Dale downloaded the iPhone SDK and if this would have been any easier… for some reason, my gut says “yes”.

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