MIDs on parade


MidsfromidfMore Intel Developer Forum goodies from Josh Bancroft. He’s taken thirty-odd pics of the various Mobile Internet Devices shown off in Shanghai and he posted the lot of them on Flickr for your enjoyment. Bonus points to the first reader that likes one enough to make it a “this is what I’m lusting for” screensaver. I think you’ll have seen most of these if you’ve been following the MID progress, but there are some current devices tucked in there that make for good size comparisons. I see the Samsung Q1 Ultra and an iPhone in there for example. Then again, the iPhone is a MID in my book.


Josh Bancroft

>>>>How in the world did you manage that photo shoot? exquisite pro-level lighting. Some of the best pics I’ve ever seen! Bravo!

Thanks! I have l33t ninja skills. And I work for the same group as the guys in the software lab. :-)

>>>>The Gigabyte is still the most interesting one to me, form-wise.

I haven’t played with that one much, but it seemed very similar to the Aigo form factor (sliding keyboard, etc.). Is there something about the Gigabyte that differentiates it from the Aigo for you?

Mike Cane

>>>full Mozilla browser with extensions, Adobe AIR,


How in the world did you manage that photo shoot? exquisite pro-level lighting. Some of the best pics I’ve ever seen! Bravo!

The Gigabyte is still the most interesting one to me, form-wise.

But yeah, going up against the iPhone and even iTouch is a tough deal.

Josh Bancroft

Thanks for the post, Kevin.

FWIW, I threw the iPhone in there, not just for size comparison, but because I also consider it a MID. Not in the sense that Intel marketing wants everyone to think, but in reality.

And the reality is, as cool as these devices are, the final versions are going to have to be VERY slick to displace the iPhone for most internet tasks – web, email, etc. are just such a pleasurable experience, and it’s so small, beautiful, and nice to touch! :-)

That said, the MIDs I saw (and the Lenovo in particular) are also MUCH smaller than previous gen UMPCs. Pocketable, if you wear large pockets/cargo pants (like I do). And it does some things the iPhone can’t: two cameras (front and rear), full Mozilla browser with extensions, Adobe AIR, hackable and expandable to an almost limitless degree, thanks to it’s Linux foundation, etc.

So yeah, the iPhone is a MID, and that’s what Intel and the MID OEMs are up against, in the US, at least. But there’s going to be a huge market for MIDs in places where you can’t (officially) get an iPhone. For example, even though I’ve seen plenty of iPhones here in Shanghai, most people have some sort of Windows Mobile device, and I can see them replacing that with a MID. Something that can handle Chinese input a little better than the iPhone.

Are MIDs going to flop/become a niche product like UMPCs did? Who knows. It’s going to be an interesting year, that’s for sure! :-)


Josh stuck the iPhone in there for size comparison purposes.
For what it does, I guess you can call an iPhone/iPod Touch a MID. You can call it an Internet Tablet if you wanted to.

MID, to me, is Intel’s marketing term. Commenting in Josh’s post ‘What the heck IS a MID anyway?’ http://www.tinyscreenfuls.com/2008/03/instaresearch-what-the-heck-is-a-mid-anyway/ , my definition is..

‘MID is a marketing termed coined by Intel to distinguish their devices from UMPC’s. It’s meant to push their Silverthorne and Menlow platforms to handheld internet devices featuring linux based touch based OS’s and WiMax connectivity.’

Kevin C. Tofel

“mainstream blogger”. Hmm… I”m not sure if that’s a complement or a smack. ;) I’m kidding… it just sounded funny since the traditional debate is bloggers vs. mainstream media.

If prices are in the range you mention Elliot, then I think most folks will bypass the first generation and go with inexpensive sub-notebooks instead (or not buy a secondary device at all). Not saying that MIDs won’t sell at those prices, but they’re much less appealing to “mainstream” consumers. :)

Elliot Moore


Awesome scene, thanks for the link. I think you are one of the only mainstream bloggers that say the iPhone/iPod Touch is a MID. Most consumers will be comparing these new devices to the apple creation. Problems I see is that we’re hearing rumors of prices upward of $600-$1000. Those prices will kill the devices given the headstart Apple has had with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I really like the Aigo however.

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