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MeeVee Seeks Buyer Via Business Wire

You might be surprised that I’m admitting this, but sometimes, the best way to get your pure, unfiltered message out there is to put out a press release. That’s what video guide startup MeeVee did today, asking all interested acquirers to please send it an email.

Due to accelerated development of the online entertainment market, the Board of Directors at MeeVee has determined that combining with an established player will maximize the potential for the community, technology and content relationships the Company has built. Accordingly, MeeVee is engaged in multiple discussions with potential acquirers that provide the greatest long term upside and synergy. Interested parties should contact Steve Hughey ([email protected]) for more information.

See our previous coverage on MeeVee’s recent layoffs and CEO departure, efforts to be acquired, acquisition of another startup, and fundraising. We saw the please-buy-us release on paidContent.

4 Responses to “MeeVee Seeks Buyer Via Business Wire”

  1. That’s definitely a way to go, but I’m not sure I’d ever advise it. In this case, given the company has already been in the press for layoffs, CEO departures, etc., this sounds like they’re putting themselves up for a fire sale, and have completely devalued themselves. To attract acquiring companies in a meaningful way, you create value around your company, offering, etc. by publicizing its innovations, strategic partnerships, valuable IP. Create perception that you’re viable, compelling and valuable, you’ll get offers!

    That’s my 10 cents, my two cents is free…