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Keep in Sync With a Free Exchange Server

logoFor those who have Microsoft Exchange as their email system, they know its utility for keeping multiple devices in sync with emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and so on.  However, buying and managing an Exchange Server is a time consuming and expensive proposition.  Mail2Web features a hosted Exchange account with “limited access”.

With their free service, you can:

  • Have a personal calendar, tasks list, contacts, reminders, journal
  • Have 100MB of free storage
  • Sync with your mobile device
  • Automatically fetch emails from other accounts

The syncing happiness begins with setting up your Mail2Web Live account and configuring your devices.  If you have a Windows Mobile device, this will involve configuring ActiveSync to work with your Mail2Web service.

Alternatively, if you have a BlackBerry device, you can use the included Exchange support and Palm users can utilize VersaMail.  The ActiveSync settings are shown in the following screenshot:


There are similar solutions out there for Google Mail and other platforms, but Mail2Web Live is perfect for someone who has multiple devices to keep in sync, has a preference for Microsoft Exchange, and may already have ActiveSync on their device.

If you are seeking other hosted Exchange servers, check out web hosts who offer very inexpensive options such as RackSpace, 1and1, and WebHost4Life.

14 Responses to “Keep in Sync With a Free Exchange Server”

    • Robert A Hill Jr

      Well, unforchanatly, there is a free account on this anymore. Google now do a service called “Googlesync” which does contacts, emails, todo list, calader and all. Basically a exchange server for your google account. It’s still only in its beta stages at the moment and I can’t for it to be fully in action.. Theonly downfall is, I can’t get it to sync with my windows mobile PPC/Phone through active sync, but Google do say it’s still in it’s early stages of beta, and can’t be garenteed it will sync.
      Does anyone know of any othe ways to sync through Exchange Server with me having to set up my own one at home, as I do not have the spare money at this time to build a extra system to just run as a exchange server at this time.

  1. Jono Taiga

    Is there any free sites out there that allow Exchange anymore? I’ve tried mail2web and now they charge a monthly fee (around $10 USD/month, if I remember correctly)
    I’m looking for something that will allow a few people to sync calendar, task and contacts, while also allowing a few of them email options.
    Any feedback greatly appreciated.

  2. I setup my wife with her Yahoo mail forwarded to mail2web, Windows Mobile 5 PDA, and Now her mail and calendar on mail2web and the PDA is synched with Wi-fi. Only cost is Yahoo Mail Plus.

  3. I have tried to mail2web and found it to be a really good tool however, it does not allow to sync with outlook, or at least I haven’t found how.



  4. Judi, I’m glad to hear you aren’t suffering from the same woes I am. I have tried re-installing and uninstalling to no avail. Hopefully mail2web can offer some kind of solution.

  5. Josh, I’m not sure what you mean by “it doesn’t sync any events created before the app is installed.” I haven’t had that issue. I use it to sync 4 or 5 calendars and it works well. It won’t sync events that happened in the past, but it seemed to sync events created before its installation without an issue.

    As for the contact sync, you and me both. As far as I know, there isn’t a single utility that will sync Google contacts to a Blackberry. I keep hoping that will change with the introduction of the Contacts API.

  6. What options are there for Google Mail to sync calendar and contacts on a blackberry? I know they have the Google Sync calendar, but I find it to be very ineffective, especially since it doesn’t sync any events created before the app is installed.

  7. Looks like this could be a great temporary solution for those who want to move to Google Apps but don’t want to give up ActiveSync to their mobile devices.

    Hopefully Google will release their own version of ActiveSync soon.