jkOnTheRun video- first look at the HP Mini-Note UMPC


The good folks at HP let me play with the brand new HP Mini UMPC.  It’s been known as the HP UMPC, the 2133 and who knows what else but it’s officially the HP Mini.  This video is longer than most we do because we wanted to give you the best look possible at this innovative mini-notebook.  The Mini will only set you back $499 for the entry level configuration but this video shows off the top-of-the-line model.  This one is only $749 so it’s still a very good deal.  You’ll see the HP Mini from every angle, see how well constructed it is and get a good look at how well the Via C7-M 1.6 GHz processor performs.  Take a look at the video and see what we think of the new HP Mini.



Chris K

You are correct, Chad, but that’s not all!

The keys are even laid out in a very Powerbook-like style, with the arrow keys made into half-height keys, and the right shift key going all the way to the edge.

It’s not as clean and lovely as the 12″ Powerbook, but it’s definitely looking like a shrunken-down version of one!

Swap that Via out for an Atom, and I’ll take it.


*Apple fanboy rant*The Screen being flush with the table isn’t really something new its about the like my macbook and your macbook pro and i believe they were like that on the ibook.*/Apple Fanboy rant*


I have been looking hard at the HP tx2000z since it’s release. It’s price has now dropped to $899. That’s a whole lot more computer for not much more money.
If they had gone with the Intel Atom or even the core solo, I would have closed my eyes & dropped my cash…..but, they didn’t, so…..
Just curious, how would you rate the new Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium against this little number?
I know one is touch screen & the other is not, but if you had to choose, which would you go with?


Great vid :)

I hope HP sent out some lower spec models and we’ll soon see some reviews/Q&A about obvious mods. For my personal machine, I’d go for the 4gb model if installing xp, 2gb ram, and a 16gb sdhc resulted decent performance on the slower processor and big battery savings over the hd models.

I hadn’t planned on spending more than $600-700 for a cheap laptop if the 2133 wasn’t released now. I’ve delayed a laptop purchase for three weeks, so I’m going to try my best to find this thing in the SF Bayarea this weekend.


Could you please SHOW the power adaptor of the Device …. I like to know the size and weight of it…



Onother review I read mentioned that when the 6 cell battery is installed the lid/screen doesn’t tilt back far enough for good viewing whithout the reviewer having to slouch down. Your thoughts?



What are the power requirements? VDC and amperage?



Expensive indeed which is why it is all the more disappointing that in the $750-$1000 range we’re not seeing such features being offered.

Not that I’m criticising the HP, it’s quite clear it does what it’s set out to do. I’m just feeling I’ll be hangning on a little while longer, not so much for the technology to catch up but more so for a design that fits my needs to be put into production.

Mike Cane

Someone will have to do the math for me. What if the basic Linux model is bought. How much to open it up and replace the guts with 2GB RAM and a speedy big HD? And then, of course, strip off the Linux and implant XP!

Ach. Thought just hit me: Still no Bluetooth or camera that way!

Always a frikkin catch somewhere!!


Hi JK, what is the material of the palm rest? Is it plastic? They say that it also has magnesium parts. What parts are magnesium?


Mike Cane

Given the YouTube problems that happened, I’m glad I was busy Zzzing instead of cursing at my screen last night!


What a great device. I am looking for something to replace by wife’s Vaio… looks like I have it.

Maybe it was the lighting, but the screen appeared very reflective, esp when compared to the Fujitsu.

Have you tried this outside? Or did the embargo forbid you to take this to Starbucks!!!


Over at TabletPCReview, there’s an interestingly contrasting review. Basically, while they think it looks great and is solidly built, their opinion is that the VIA chip just isn’t quite up to task, some thermal issues, the glossy extra layer on the display is somewhat aggravating, and the price is getting to be a bit much.


jk viewer

Youtube is still broken. Why don’t you put the video on another site?


how easy to change memory and put xp on the vista or linux machines?? THANKS

James Kendrick

As I say in the video which you’ll eventually be able to see, I could buy 3 of these top-of-the-line Minis for what I paid for the P1620. That’s an expensive swivel screen.


It’s good to hear the extended battery is likely.

I’m probably being a might bit selfish expecting the tablet functionality but I’ll appeal to the fact that I just like the idea of compacting a device further by swiveling a screen when you’re viewing/reading and in no need of a keyboard.

On a slight tangent I’d love for more of these devices to use the OLPC DLV screen tech. This is the kind of device I want out by the pool on a sunny day.

I suppose I should put up and shut up and just get the Fuji 1620 but hey, I can’t justify those bones for what is going to be predominantly around the home, vacation device.

Anyway, excellent post and looking forward to that video! :)

James Kendrick

Jelster, I believe the model I reviewed comes with the extended battery. Touch and swivel would have driven the cost up much higher and not what HP was trying to do. Most people don’t care about that.


Been watching out for this and have to say it looks mighty nice. My two quibbles thus far though.

$250 gets you HDD, 1G Ram upgrade and Windows. Seems a little steep to me and would have been much sweeter if the CPU was buffed along with perhaps an extended battery as standard.

Why no Touch and Swivel? I concede that perhaps it introduces design problems but it’s such a useful feature from a consumer point of view.

Right now I’m torn between a “what the heck” get it attitude and a “patience young Skywalker” hope that Fujitsu will soon update the U810/U1010 with a slightly bigger form factor and general buffing up.

Sometimes I hate technology. :)


To quote Mr. Tofel, “That’s just so not right!”
The new HP video would wait one more night.

James Kendrick

Due to the embargo, we had to flag the video as “private” so it couldn’t be accessed until we manually set it for public viewing. The area of YouTube where I set it for public viewing is down and I can’t release it yet. I’m still trying.


You Tube is killing me! Nice scoop JK. I will check back in the morning.


When I click it to go to the video on the YouTube website, it gives me the following message: “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.”

John C.

that looks delicious, but the video does ot appear to work

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