Help: We Need Tips to Lighten Our Load

After lugging my laptop, camera, tape recorder, sundry cords, a phone and notepads around the Las Vegas Convention Center for CTIA, I feel like a packhorse rather than a blogger. This got me thinking about how to lighten my load.

Ideally I want to be able to travel with a laptop (MacBook) and a phone. Thanks to Internet radio and Hulu, I’ve eliminated a lot of of my entertainment gadgets, but I’m still packing a lot everything listed above.

Plus, I have enough cords to restrain a linebacker. I would love to hear what tools you guys use, especially when it comes to eliminating cameras, cords and maybe the external 3G card. I’m especially curious how many people have given up a laptop for short trips and instead travel with a mini keyboard and a smart phone. Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

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