Help: We Need Tips to Lighten Our Load


After lugging my laptop, camera, tape recorder, sundry cords, a phone and notepads around the Las Vegas Convention Center for CTIA, I feel like a packhorse rather than a blogger. This got me thinking about how to lighten my load.

Ideally I want to be able to travel with a laptop (MacBook) and a phone. Thanks to Internet radio and Hulu, I’ve eliminated a lot of of my entertainment gadgets, but I’m still packing a lot everything listed above.

Plus, I have enough cords to restrain a linebacker. I would love to hear what tools you guys use, especially when it comes to eliminating cameras, cords and maybe the external 3G card. I’m especially curious how many people have given up a laptop for short trips and instead travel with a mini keyboard and a smart phone. Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?



iPhone with a 5mp camera, voice recorder, 3g connection and better battery life… Oh how I can’t wait.

On beach in Mexico right now actually, on iPhone . :)


I rely on an iGo with tips for all of my devices and laptop (may not help with the MacBook though). Any devices I bring have to connect with either bluetooth or USB or else I don’t bring them. I used a Jabra JX10 headset which can pair with my laptop for use with Skype or voice dubbing and with my cell phone.

ralf schwartz, germany

leaving the powerbook at the office when i travel helps a lot.
i just carry the ipod nano and the nokia communicator 9300. its keyboard is great for typing longer texts, which i later send via bluetooth to everywhere i want. you may go online to read mails. you write short notices. and phone, twitter, etc. you know.
thinking about buying the samsung instinct or the new communicator. love keyboards.

Digital Lifescapes

I use a Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC with a folding keyboard — you’ll need good eyesight to view the small screen for extended periods of time, however. I leave my notebook computer at home.


iPhone…once they allow everything to be landscape (including their notes app), typing will be much easier.

Jason Rothbart

One thing I do is try to get devices that can be recharged through a USB cable to my laptop. Then, all I need is a power cord for my laptop and I charge everything else using it as a hub.

the rabbit

honestly, my thoughts are nokia n95 on at&t with 3g tethered to the macbook. why the n95? it packs 3g, video recording, audio recording, expandable storage (with 8gb loaded already), 5mp camera and others.

that way you can walk around, snap photos, do audio on the spot or video, and when ready go back to your lappie use the usb cord (only 2 cords needed all trip long) and upload your stuff, using marsedit and you are set.

that’s my personal thoughts, hope that helps.


I was actually thinking the same thing this weekend as I packed my iPod, phone, and laptop, which required me to either bring chargers for all three devices or cables to interconnect them to charge and transfer data. We need some standardization…at least Bluetooth can partly eliminate cables for data transfer, but power is always an issue.



I don’t have any tips unfortunately. But I did want to share that I am preparing for the day when my grandchild asks me…”Granpa, you really had to lug a 4lb box and power supply everytime you traveled?”


“tape recorder” ? surely you jest ! seriously, though ‘instant-on’ reporting/blogging may be perceived to drive traffic, but does it boost engagement/time spent on site? roaming around CTIA for a couple of days with a berry or notepad alone, and then writing a high quality post or two brings less traffic to the posts? since there are no standard/interchangeable cords and feather-light laptops for a few years, i doubt anything short of changing work/type/blog habits lightens your load.

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