'Carbon Trading is Super Sexy'


There’s nothing like breathless morning show radio reports declaring “what the kids are up to these days.” NPR says young people are “flocking” to the carbon markets, both to make money and to feel like they’re doing some good in the world. After listening in on a dinner with three 30-somethings, all of whom work at energy think tanks and firms that sell renewable energy credits, the report declares them to be the whiz kids that are “pioneering the new carbon economy.”

Yeah, we’re excited, too. Except the carbon market is still rife with issues that have yet to be addressed — regulation, oil prices and transparency, to name a few. Regardless, our favorite quote from the NPR report comes courtesy of New Energy Finance’s Nathaniel Bullard, who says he gets asked questions like: “Hey, I’ve got a big pool of methane-oozing manure at my hog farm in Iowa, what can I do with that?” We’ll leave you with that picture.

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