The IPL Media Guidelines

Word is expected today regarding changes to the guidelines issued by the Indian Premier League regarding media coverage; both Prem Panicker and an online media publication were kind enough send us the guidelines issued by the IPL last week: you may view them here.

A few additional clauses regarding online media, apart from the details that we have covered earlier: It appears that photos can only be used if they appear as still images, and cannot be used to support a so-called on-line match-tracking report, audio or text based commentary service. Also, no online use or publication or syndication of still photographic images is allowed without the express prior written consent of IPL. And “Only representatives of licensed/authorised media licensees (licensed by IPL) may make sound and/or image recordings of any Match.” What if a spectator has a camera phone?

Clearly the guidelines seek to restrict online coverage of the IPL…either that, or generate a media controversy before the IPL launches. I would have thought that the IPL would have sought to push for as much online coverage as possible, given that the league is still in its infancy. Updates expected today, so watch this space.