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Network 18 To Launch Multiplexes

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In accordance with their stated plans of being a full service media conglomerate with interests in all stated mediums, Network 18 has announced plans to roll out theater chains through a new subsidy entitled Starglaze. Mint reports the entire project will be funded by Capital 18 and the national roll out of multiplexes is expected to start within this year. Starglaze is contemplating differential pricing for metros and Tier II and Tier III markets. The multiplex market is fairly crowded with Adlabs (rumoured to be going digital in rural areas), Inox, PVR, Cinemax and Fun Cinemas amongst others.

Going by their roll-out, a business print play to rival Economic Times and a radio channel should be next steps, but with an economic downturn looming around the corner, can N18 handle the bends?

4 Responses to “Network 18 To Launch Multiplexes”

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  2. is network18 biting off more than it can chew ?
    Being present in the entire value chain seems like a good strategy but the current media valuations of 40 times earnings may not last for long and the multiplex business is going to be fairly capex intensive. Would be interesting to see how it pans out….