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Indiagames Gets Exclusive India Rights For Two PopCap Games; Develops Game For VH1

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A couple of updates regarding Indiagames, in which UTV owns a majority stake: the company has announced an exclusive deal to distribute two key titles from PopCap Games on the mobile in India – Bookwork and Chuggle Bookworm and Chuzzle. Indiagames had earlier struck a deal with PopCap last year to distribute games on their Games on Demand platform; that wasn’t an exclusive deal – Zapak had, and still has PopCap Games as well. Gaming company execs have been on the record in the past, stating that the average shelf life of mobile games on operator decks is 3-6 weeks. In such a situation, I wonder why a company would do an exclusive deal for just two games, and what this deal would be valued at. Any guesses?

While on Indiagames, their US subsidiary has developed a game for VH1 Mobile, called “Flavour of Love”, a trivia game based on a series on VH1. The game will be launched April end.

3 Responses to “Indiagames Gets Exclusive India Rights For Two PopCap Games; Develops Game For VH1”

  1. antispin

    It's Chuzzle, not Chuggle.

    As to why pick up only two titles — my guess if for the awesome press coverage and little else :P (Semi-)Seriously but — chicks dig word games. Casual gamers, market expansion, blah blah blah.