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13 Percent of Vimeo Uploads are HD

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Vimeo says that it received more than 70,000 video uploads during the month of March. Of those, 9,200 were HD (that’s just a hair over 13 percent). While standard def uploads definitely hold the lion’s share, Vimeo’s first quarter has seen a steady increase in the amount of HD uploaded to the site.

Sure, Vimeo isn’t pulling in ten hours of video a minute like YouTube, but the company’s 720p uploads are definitely tapping into a growing audience. YouTube doesn’t offer HD, just “higher quality,” and more video sharing sites are jumping into the HD pool to fill that void. Cruddy-looking video, your days are numbered.

Coincidentally, the handy Flip Video camera now has 13 percent of the camcorder market. Just think of what will happen once the company comes out with true HD version of the easy-to-use device. Comcast will have to throttle everyone’s traffic.

And Vimeo needs to send DivX a thank you card. Though there are no hard stats, it looks like after DivX shut down its Stage 6, a ton of users flocked to Vimeo. Score one for market consolidation!

8 Responses to “13 Percent of Vimeo Uploads are HD”

  1. Vimeo is a beautiful and useful site. They are doing a great job with their HD support.

    A large number of the HD clips on Vimeo are from the Canon HV20. There is a growing community of indie and no-budget filmmakers using this cam now and they are looking for destinations that accept the HD quality this little cam can produce.

    HungryFlix can also accept HD files due to our recent upgrade to allow media files up to 1GB in size.