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Thought of the Day: Take time. Chill Out. (b/c Om says so.)

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Whatever you do today, please read Om’s current post, Relax, Chill and maybe Blog, responding to the New York Times on the Web’s 24/7 culture. Om addresses the detriments of drinking too much coffee, spending too much time in front of your computer screen, or on an airplane, and generally — never “hitting the beach.” Did you know: “if you don’t sleep your heart works longer hours and has to pump more blood and is under stress.” Om knows this now.

He writes:

Those were my issues, and I think those are some of the issues of folks who are bloggers, start-up founders, journalists, corporate lawyers, cab drivers, Wall Street analysts, and presidential candidates. Now those are issues many people in Silicon Valley deal with on a day-in-day-out basis but refuse to acknowledge. Do yourself a favor: get yourself checked out by a doctor.

And take time to hit the beach. I just bought two cups of coffee — both for me, because I’m writing today. Now I’m going to pour one of them out, and go for a walk.

One Response to “Thought of the Day: Take time. Chill Out. (b/c Om says so.)”

  1. In the past few weeks, I myself had begun to realize that I was working overtime. I am not going to say that I was doing 24/7 but was definatlly doing 13 -15 hours per day in front of my Macbook and then a few hours of clas (my co-founder puts in atleast 15 per day, goes to classes and still sleeps a bit). Then I found an article online with 8 points that describe a workaholic… I matched all 8 points.

    Thats when it clicked, I was failing to stop and smell the roses!

    Now I dedicate a half a day on the weekends to my passion, soccer which coincidentally still has to do with my work but I always find time to make it to the stadium to watch a good match and chant for a while (I turn off my mobile). Then I go off with my friends for a few beers.

    Since I started looking at life a bit more differently, I enjoy my work alot more (even more than before and I love what I do) but also all the little things in life like a match of soccer.

    So I agree with you Carleen and Om as well, no matter you age or occupation, we should always take a few hours out of the week to unplug and just enjoy, life just gets lighter and your work experience gets better.