Joost CEO Admits to Trimming Head Count, But Not Global Vision

Joost CEO Mike Volpi refuted a widely circulated report that his company was scaling back to focus on the U.S. market in an interview with Om tonight. Om surmises that the company has reduced head count by 35 to 40 to about 100, though Volpi wouldn’t give a number.

“We are focusing on US, Western Europe, China and a few other Asian markets,” [Volpi] told [Om]. “Taking a more measured approach to our expansion, and keeping it in sync with markets where online advertising is mature enough.” Volpi pointed out that Joost launched in China two weeks ago, and has recently signed content partnerships in Scandinavia. When you add to the mix UK, France and a couple of other Western European countries, Volpi said it is pretty obvious that the company is not scaling back from its global ambitions.

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