PersonAll Wants To Empower Your Intranet

Web users who are familiar with Netvibes know the value of having a flexible and customizable homepage.  Such a tool allows users to create a homepage with the information relevant to them. Drag, drop, and re-order the content, and really make it a valuable asset to their web toolbox.

PersonAll, a French company, wants to bring this type of functionality to your corporate intranet.  Their technology sits behind your companies’ firewall, allowing for access to corporate resources that a hosted solution would have issues with.  Corporate users can aggregate information such as emails, calendars, intranet publications and customize it to create a personalized intranet page that they’ll find value from.

For more information, watch the video below.


There is also a PersonAll product aimed at allowing companies to turn their public facing Internet sites into customizable PersonAll sites as well.  The Audience mode can take your Internet site’s resources and mix a personalized website to meet their needs.  The company, through the use of PersonAll, knowing which modules and information sets are being used, can embed customized advertisements based on the consumer’s tastes and preferences.  Again, a video is available for reference.


The service will be available on April 24.  The company plans a US expansion within the next year.


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