Edit your Site from any browser with TypeRoom Lite


If you’re looking for another reason to stop using desktop applications, here’s one: with TypeRoom Lite, you can edit your web site from any browser…for free. Presently in open beta, TypeRoom Lite will load a copy of any web page you want, let you edit its text and replace images in your browser, then email you the resulting file so you can upload it or they can upload it for you.

While it’s not anywhere near as powerful as a desktop html editor, what the free Lite version lacks in power it makes up in workflow speed. You can fix that typo, correct that heading and be done faster than you can open your bigtime desktop web editing suite.

The makers of TypeRoom hope their real product, TypeRoom Pro will garner a market by making it easy for non-programmers to edit CMS sites. It’s a bold promise, but given what they’ve pulled off with TypeRoom Lite, a believable one.

In the meantime, the next time you catch a typo on your web site, TypeRoom Lite is just the right size tool to quickly fix it.


Donna Payne

Genius! I can’t wait to see how this develops. My non-CMS clients (and I) would love this dearly!

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Clearly is a good tool for the long tail of the market, and well apt at helping small design agencies when they get question about the “CMS thing” by their clientèle. Interesting to see if this could be applied to other content management scenarios, not just for authoring, as this comes short for more structured, enterprise use cases such as having more granular control on an element by element basis.

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