Yugma: Free Online Conferencing Tool Gets an Upgrade


Yugma is one of my favorite free, web-hosted applications. I’ve written about it before here and now it’s out in a new version 3 that offers some useful enhancements. The rollout of version 3 included a few bug fixes, but it’s now stable. If you haven’t tried Yugma, it’s a great way to hold virtual meetings for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Yugma, like many of the other online conferencing applications, offers paid versions that offer more features than the free one, but I find everything I need in the free version. In the new release, quite a few of the enhancements are under-the-hood performance fixes, but the application also has a better interface and other additions now.

Among additions to Yugma in version 3, the look and feel of the application have become much slicker. As always, inviting people to join a conference with you is very much like inviting buddies from an IM buddy list. However, once you’re in a conference, the interface is snappier and better looking. There is also a new lightweight viewer for conference joiners, and Yugma is easier to install than it was in previous versions.

Like Microsoft LiveMeeting, Yugma users can initiate a conference call as they start a session. Participants call a toll-free telephone number, enter a code supplied for the meeting, and up to 10 callers can connect (many more can in the paid versions). Yugma also integrates with Skype so you get many options for keeping your virtual meetings free.

Meeting participants can share desktops and demonstrate applications as well as go through presentations. One of the really useful features in the paid versions of Yugma that I wish I could use in the free version is recording conferences. The Premium edition of the application starts at $9.95 a month.

If you haven’t used this free application give it a try. It’s as good as many fee-based conferencing applications.

Which online conferencing solution do you recommend?



Michael Chalklee, MD

In the past, I tried Webex and GoToMeeting. Both were expensive and had more complex features than I required. I’ve been using Yugma for a few months and have had an excellent experience. As I work with technicians and specialists remotely, using Yugma has made a significant impact on how I review information and perform my work.


I was reading through your blog and noticed that there are many different free web conferencing services out there on today’s market. I work for one that is called Cool Conference Live, we are completely free, no strings attached, with top of the line features that will never cost you a dime.

I am a firm believer in why pay for something when you can get the same quality for free. If you have a chance Sam check us out and let me know if you have any feedback :)

Look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for the Yugma info! I’ve been looking for something like this for remote training and assistance with bookkeeping/accounting software.


this is quite an encouraging company. despite all of the issues they seemed to run into with this new release, they appear to be quite dedicated to their product and customers.

i am really loving their skype version at the moment, too. not only because they are easy to use with skype, but they have single application sharing! if you haven’t tried yugma yet, i encourage it.

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